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Work List

Wind/Brass/Fanfare Band

Menin Gate Memorial Suite (2007, revisie 2014)

wind band, choir, soprano (opt), 30 minutes

Resilience (2015)

commissioned by the Royal Ypriana Wind Band
wind band, 8 minutes

brass band, 8 minutes

fanfare band, 8 minutes

The Swirl (2017)

wind band, 4 minutes

wind band, 4 minutes

commissioned by VLAMO, compulsory work Flemish Open 2019
wind band, 15 minutes

commissioned by Royal Wind Band Schelle
wind band, 20 minutes

Tetraktys (2019)

commissioned by GUHO
wind band, 10 minutes

Vista (2020)

wind band, 4 minutes

part of Caleidoscope, a tribute composition to Dirk De Caluwe, 2 minutes

commissioned by prof. Herwig Reynaert & Bart Vangrysperre
wind band, 10 minutes

Nemo Rhapsody (2021)

commissioned by Bernd Van Echelpoel & Kevin Van Giel
Solo Euphonium, Solo Bass Tuba, brass band, 9 minutes

Crossing Roads (2022)

commissined by De Xaverianen
wind band, 10 minutes

The Last Judgement (2022, in progress)

wind band, 15 minutes

Chamber Music

Dyptiek (2005)

trumpet, euphonium, piano, 4 minutes

clarinet choir, 3 minutes

commissioned by Inge Smedts
piccolo/flute & marimba, 5 minutes

clarinet choir, 4 minutes

Encounters (2018)

commissioned by Hectuor Ensemble
oboe, saxophone, harp, piano, 8 minutes

Horn Seasons: Summer. The Hot Season (2019)

commissioned by Horns4AllSeasons
horn octet, 5 minutes

Horn Seasons: Spring. The Romantic Season (2020)

commissioned by Horns4AllSeasons
horn octet, 5 minutes

High Tea Overture (2020)

commissioned by Cosy Brass Quartet
brass quartet, 6 minutes

commissioned by VLAMO
flexiband (8 parts), 6 minutes